The Eve of the Seed Pilgrimage

Tomorrow morning I will set off from la Cathedrale de Saint Pierre in the heart of old town Geneva.  Headed south along the pilgrimage route walked by so many feet.

We can relate to our planet earth in two ways. Either we can act as tourists and look at the Earth as a source of goods and services for our use, pleasure and enjoyment, or we can act as Earth Pilgrims and treat the planet with reverence and gratitude.

Tourists find gratification in the consumption of nature’s gifts. Pilgrims find enchantment in the conversation of nature’s bounty.  The abundant waters of the oceans, the vibrancy of forests, the community of dancing birds, the tranquility of valleys and the resilience of maginficent mountains bring a sense of joy, awe and wonder to the hearts of pilgrims. For them, god is nature and nature is their god.  Nature is their teacher, their guide. Sometimes they call her Gaia, the Earth Goddess, and at other times they call her simply Mother Nature.

Indigenous people of the world lived and behaved as pilgrims. The Earth was their temple, their church and their mosque.  They went into the wild for their vision quest. They sat under the trees for their prayers and meditation, and they did not look up to the sky to find heaven – for their heaven was here on Earth.

Satish Kumar, Earth Pilgrim

I am very intrigued and excited to see which plant friends I will find along the way.

On my walk from the house to the supermarket today, I passed twelve medicinal plant allies. Amazing what grows in the least expected corners of the urban environment.  Feeling like the plants are boding me well.

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